Spaceguard Pallet Rack Enclosures

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  • Pallet Rack Enclosures | Advanced Companies

Southwest Solutions Group works directly with Spaceguard, a premier leader in pallet rack enclosure solutions.

Pallet Rack Enclosures from Spaceguard provide essential safety for your pallet racks and shelving with a simple, yet durable design.

Welded wire panels will keep your employees safe and productive. Pallet rack safety panels help prevent costly accidents in and around your pallet racks and shelving. Protect your products and personnel by preventing items from falling or shifting.

Spaceguard’s pallet rack enclosures are readily available for quick shipment in 36?, 48? and 60? heights and 84?, 96?, 108?, and 120? widths.

Advantages of Spaceguard’s pallet rack enclosure systems include:

Simple design: Panels stack to reach required heights. Brackets are either fixed or adjustable depending on the upright type.
Easy installation: Installs with sturdy mounting brackets, in many cases easier to install than netting alternatives.
Less maintenance: Durable panels don’t need to be replaced often like netting or single beams.
Heavy-duty: Unique welded design uses 6-gauge wire unlike competitive woven products on the market.

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