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Southwest Solutions Group’ roots and deep history in the filing industry, which has made us the place to connect with the best of breed in filing system providers. We work with partners who provide high-density moveable shelving, automated vertical filing carousels, and traditional shelving and cabinet solutions for a wide variety of applications. Additional products include mailroom shelving, file tracking software, folders, labels and label printing. Make sure to ask about services such as document scanning, file moves, and filing conversions.

Metal Storage Cabinets | Advanced Companies

Tennsco Metal Storage CabinetsOffice Storage

Southwest Solutions Group works directly with Tennsco, a premier leader in metal storage cabinets and solutions. Tennsco offers an array of custom, heavy-duty metal storage cabinets and accessories for offices. Tennsco’s line of metal storage cabinets provide additional storage space and provide a streamline look to old and modern office spaces. Our line consists of… Read More

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Space Saving Mobile Shelving | Advanced Companies

Space Saving Mobile Shelving SystemsMedical Storage

Southwest Solutions Group is a premier leader in mobile shelving systems. Space Saving mobile shelving systems effectively doubles available storage capacity by making shelving mobile, compacting existing storage into a smaller footprint. Space Saving high density shelving units are the best solution for managing a growing collection. Superior track design and an unrivaled tech support team make… Read More

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Office Vertical CarouselsOffice Storage

Southwest Solutions Group works directly with premier leaders in vertical carousel systems and automated vertical storage solutions. Automated vertical carousels are strictly developed to meet the high demands of office filing and storage optimization. Vertical carousels makes use of overhead office space that would otherwise go to waste, allowing users to maximize storage density and… Read More

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Industrial Paper Shredders | Advanced Companies

Dahle Industrial Paper ShreddersMedical Storage

Southwest Solutions Group works directly with Dahle, a premier leader in industrial paper shredder solutions. With the widespread use of networked printers and fax machines, confidential information is constantly being produced throughout the workday. It’s important to have a powerful shredder located nearby to easily dispose of this information. Industrial paper shredders from Dahle are… Read More

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Polymer Shelving Units | Advanced Companies

Metro Polymer Shelving UnitsMedical Storage

Southwest Solutions Group works directly with Metro, a premier leader in polymer shelving units and solutions. Metro is a nationwide leader in polymer shelving units and systems. The polymer finish prevents any damage to the shelf contents and is favored in any environment where nonmetal finishes are needed. Metro polymer shelving units have the same… Read More

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Cantilever Shelving | Advanced Companies

Borroughs Cantilever Shelving UnitsOffice Storage

Southwest Solutions Group works directly with Borroughs, a premier leader in cantilever shelving units and solutions. Cantilever shelving units from Borroughs cost less per filing inch than filing cabinets and creates three times more filing space per square foot. Borroughs products are supported by a nationwide group of library equipment specialists who are fully prepared… Read More

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Open Shelving | Advanced Companies

Borroughs Open Shelving UnitsMedical Storage

Southwest Solutions Group, a premier leader in open shelving solutions. Businesses need to store their file collections economically, which means space-efficient, time-efficient open shelving storage from Borroughs is a must. Our open shelving units have been specially designed with this in mind. Open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible and within close reach,… Read More

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