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Southwest Solutions Group works directly with Colorflex, a premier leader in label printing software solutions.

Coloflex label printing software allows you to have the efficiencies of a color-coded shelf filing system without having to stock and apply multiple labels to your folders.

We guarantee reduced filing and retrieval time, while virtually eliminating the total number of misfiles. When you need to make-up folders you can quickly and easily print the labels you need with all the information for each folder on a single label.

  • Print all information and color codes on one easy-to-apply label strip
  • Create alphabetic, numeric, or custom indexed filing systems
  • Integrate our labeled folders with your existing files with perfect color match
  • Design a sophisticated filing system specifically for your organization
  • Generate new labels automatically with information from your host database or keyboard

Colorflex label printing software is available in two forms: installed on your workstation/network and online.

Network/Workstation Label Printing Software

Network/Workstation Label Printing Software is installed on one or more networked computers. This version is more full featured than online software and is appropriate for more complex label printing needs.

Online Label Printing Software

Online labeling software can be accessed from the internet as needed. Labels can be printed from any workstation with a Web browser and access to a color printer (laser or ink jet). There are several benefits to online labeling software:

  • No software to install; you always have the most up-to-date version
  • Your sensitive customer data never leaves your computer
  • Compatible with your printer
  • You set up the system administrator and add/delete users

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